Tower, Slate, Polymer, Shingle
Tower™ Slate

Composite Slate Roofing Tiles. Blended from premium polymer with solid colour throughout.

Molded from actual slate materials to have a definitive authentic appearance of natural slate, Tower™ Slate gives you the beauty and elegant appearance of slate roofing tiles without the maintenance. Tower™ Slate offers the strength and endurance of premium polymers combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing for decades of protection and architectural appeal.

Tower™ Roofing shingles and tiles are the environmentally friendly choice with a lifetime of performance. Tower™ Slate is available in five standard colours, as well as custom colours available upon request.

Shingle Performance Results

Standard Colours

Storm Grey

CGT polymer roofing Storm Slate Tile

Charcoal Grey

Tower Composite Roofing Charcoal Grey Slate Detail Charcoal slate polymer tiles

Smoke Grey

Tower Roofing Smoke Grey Slate Grey Slate Detail Smoke Grey Slate Shingles


Composite Roof Polymer Slate Detail Sangria Slate Polymer Shingles


CGT Slate, Composite, Polymer Shingles Polymer Slate Green Myrtle Slate Composite Roofing

Shingle Performance Results

Specification Requirement Tower™ Slate Tower™ Shake Izod Impact ≥ 60 J/m Pass Pass Dimensional Stability ≤ 5% Pass Pass Water Absorption ≤ 3% Pass Pass Ozone Resistance No visible cracks Pass Pass Traffic Load No breaks at 900 N Pass Pass Wind Uplift No loss of integrity or damage Pass Pass Dynamic Pressure Water Infiltration No leakage or damage to assembly Pass Pass Fastener Pull-Through nail/screw ≥ 440 N Pass Pass Flexural strength before accelerated Weathering Ʊ ≥ 5.2Mpa Pass Pass Flexural strength after accelerated Weathering ≥ 90 % of Ʊ Pass Pass Flexural strenght after heat ageing ≥ 80 % of Ʊ Pass Pass

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