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Tower™ Shake and Tower™ Slate are installed in a similar fashion to typical steep slope roofing materials and can be installed by those that have an understanding of roofing applications.

The recommended application instructions do not have an effect on the material itself, but are best roofing practices. Best roofing practices are put into place to protect the home owner and ensure that the home owner is satisfied with the end result of product application immediately after application as well as in the future.

CGT recognizes that you are purchasing a high quality product, but your satisfaction in the product will not be complete if you have a leak (even though it is not a fault of the product) or if the shingles don’t appear to lie flat (due to the deck ‘sinking’ between the roof joists). The product and the recommendations are in place to not only ensure you have the best roof system possible, but also to eliminate as many factors that may adversely affect the final installation outcome as possible.

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