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Beauty That Endures

Composite Shake shingles, and Slate tiles. Blended from premium polymer with solid colour throughout.

composite shake shingle Composite Shake and Slate Roofing by CGT Limited. See Specifications

Tower™ Shake, and Tower™ Slate roofing products give you the beauty and elegant appearance of cedar shake shingles and slate roofing tiles without the maintenance, backed by a 50 year limited, transferable warranty. Tower™ Roofing brand composite roofing products have a proprietary blend of premium polymers including recycled materials, combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing for decades of protection and architectural appeal. Tower™ Shake and Tower™ Slate, are each available in five standard colours, as well as custom colours available upon request.

Tower™ Shake and Tower™ Slate roofing products have been tested according to the CCMC protocol for composite materials. A minimum requirement weathers the materials for 2000 hours. Tower™ Shake and Tower™ Slate have been tested to 5000 hours and continue to exceed the requirements for 2000 hours weathering.

Tower™ RoofingTower™ Slate, and Tower™ Shake tiles do not require additional roof reinforcement, or strapping. Tower™ Shake and Tower™ Slate can be installed in a similar fashion to conventional steep slope roofing products.

The science of roofing. The leading edge of design.

Tower™ Shake and Tower™ Slate shingles are made from a blend of premium polymers, fire inhibitors, UV stabilizers, heat stabilizers and recycled materials. Designed with the authentic look of natural slate and cedar, Tower™ Slate and Tower™ Shake offer the strength and endurance of premium polymers combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing for decades of protection and architectural appeal. Tower™ Roofing is the environmentally friendly choice with a lifetime of performance.

Product Specifications

Tower Slate Tower Shake Specification Requirement Tower™ Slate Tower™ Shake Exposure 6” or 7”
6” or 7” Dimensions Width: inches (cm)
Length: inches (cm)
Thickness: inches (cm)
12” (30.5)
18” (45.7)
1/4” (.635)
Width: 12” (30.5 cm)
Length: 18” (45.7 cm)
Thickness: 1/2” (1.27 cm)
Weight shingle/bundle/skid lbs.
shingle/bundle/skid kgs
0.68/6.8 /979.8
Coverage per bundle 6" exposure: ft2 (m2)
7" exposure: ft2 (m2)
5 (.465)
5.81 (.54)
5 (.465)
5.81 (.54)
Shingles per Square 6" exposure: pcs
7" exposure: pcs
Weight per Square 6" exposure lbs/kgs
7" exposure lbs/kgs
Warranty 50 Years
Limited Transferable Warranty

Square = 10 feet x 10 feet, or 9.29 square meters.
Ice guards sold separately.

Tower™ Roofing is a registered trademark of CGT Limited. Please see product samples for colour. Colours as displayed on this website may not match actual shingle colours. All content on this site is copyright © CGT Limited 2011