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12. Snow Guards

For geographical areas where snow is present, the use of snow guards may be required.

Tower™ snow guards are an accessory of Tower™ Shake or Tower™ Slate and are available in the same colour as the shingles. They should be installed at the time that the 2nd and 4th course of shingles is being applied. Put a snow guard every 4th shingle on the second course of shingles, and again on the fourth course of shingles, ensuring that the snow guards in the fourth course are shifted over 2 shingles from the snow guards in the second course to ensure they are staggered for maximum effect.

Installation should be in accordance with all applicable building codes and these instructions. The more stringent requirement shall apply. Failure to comply may void the warranty. Questions regarding installation and product specifications should be forwarded to Canadian General-Tower.

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