Installation Guide for Tower™ Roofing

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5. Preparing The Roof Deck

Tower™ Shake and Tower™ Slate shingles are to be installed on a sloped roof structure of no less than a 4:12 (18°) pitch. It is recommended that Tower™ Shake and Tower™ Slate be applied to a minimum of ½” (13 mm) external grade plywood or the local building code requirements, whichever is more stringent, and must never be installed over existing shingles or uneven roof decking. This is to ensure that there is no deflection of the decking between joists as deflections in the deck may affect the aesthetically pleasing look of the product. The deck should always be free of debris and all fasteners should be seated flush with the decking.

Important Reminder:
Make sure the roof deck is a smooth solid surface. Remove any debris and replace any decking as necessary.

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