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9.1 Installation

Tower™ Shake and Tower™Slate are designed to be installed one at a time. Start at the bottom of the roof and install the first row shifted a ½ shingle from the starter shingles so that the edge of the shingle and the edge of the starter shingle do not line up. Ensure that the lowest part of the shingle is flush with the bottom edge of the starter course. Some of the starter shingle edge may be exposed, but this will ensure that the backside of the shingle is fully covered and will not adversely affect the water shedding properties of the product (refer to detail 003).

Detail 003: Installation Diagram

Continue to install row by row working your way up the roof slope. Use chalk lines to ensure that product is being aligned properly. Use the installation lines located in the headlap of the shingle with the top of the shingle from the course currently installed for quick reference points (please note that for the 2nd course, the chalk line is very important to ensure the bottom edge of the 1st course is flush with the edge of the starter shingles, refer to detail 004). Shift each row ½ a shingle to ensure no sides edges line up.

Detail 004: Starter Detail

Tower™Slate shingles require the spacer tab to be removed when applying shingles at a rake end. When installing the Tower™Slate half shingles, a minimum space of ¼” (7 mm) should be left between shingles. When the spacer tab of the Tower™Slate abuts the ½ shingle, it will have to be removed as the resulting space between shingles would be too large.

Note: If Snow guards are required, please refer to section 12 before going beyond the first courses of shingle. Any shingle that needs to be cut for the edge of the roof must ensure that the portion of the shingle visible at the edge of the roof is the factory produced edge. The cut portion of the shingle must always be in the field of the roof, not at the exposed edge of the roof.

Using the engineered tabs located on the sides of the shingles, ensure there is a minimum 3/16” (4.75 mm) spacing between Tower™ Shake shingles or ¼” (7 mm) between Tower™Slate shingles. Chalk lines should be snapped horizontally on the underlayment to ensure proper alignment.

When approaching protrusions that require cutting, simply outline the desired shape on the shingle and use a jigsaw, circular saw, or utility knife to cut out the required shape (refer to Section 2 and Section 10). Continue installing Tower™ Shake or Tower™Slate spaced one half shingle over to ensure a consistent overlapping pattern.
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