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11. Installing Hip and Ridge Capping

At the Hip and Ridge areas, longer fasteners are required when multiple layers of shingle are in place. The roofing nails must penetrate the underside of the deck a minimum of ½” (12.5 mm).

To start the Hip or Ridge cap, use the headlap of the Tower™ Shake or Tower™ Slate at the ridge and rake edge juncture. Bend all subsequent shingles over the headlap of the corresponding shingle with a maximum exposure of 6” (150 mm). (Refer to detail 005).

If the ridge ends at a rake edge at both sides of the roof, install the Ridge cap at both ends so that the Ridge cap meets in the middle of the ridge. At this juncture, bend a headlap over the two Ridge caps (ensure the headlap is only as long as the exposure portion of a field shingle) and affix with a nail in each corner of the headlap. Cut off the headlap portion of a field shingle and place directly over the underlying headlap so that it is completely covered. Ensure that the factory edge of the cap shingle faces the direction that is most visible and affix with a nail in each corner of the cap shingle. Caulk the heads of exposed nails, as well as the cut edge of the cap shingle with and exterior grade silicone or urethane caulking.

In colder temperatures a hot air welder is to be used to warm the channel located on the back of the shingles to properly form the Hip or Ridge cap. After warming, bend the shingle to the desired angle and affix the shingle in place. It is also acceptable to use metal flashing as ridge capping.

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